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Is Door County Dog Friendly?

Updated: Jan 9

A Dog Friendly County

Is Door County Dog Friendly | Dog Friendly Vacation Rentals Door County | Door County Pet Friendly Vacation Rentals.

Yes! Door County is very much dog friendly! I'm a dog person, through and through. My four legged companion often accompanied me in my travels, and Door County is no exception. Multiple municipalities throughout the peninsula have fenced in dog parks, providing safe, dedicated spaces to roam. In addition, Door County is host to a plethora of hiking trails where you can take your pooch on a leashed adventure. From State Park to Door County Land Trust trails, there is a variety of terrain, wildlife, and majestic scenery. My personal favorites are The Ridges in Bailey's Harbor, and the Canal outside of Sturgeon Bay. With the changing seasons, no one trail is ever the same.

My dog, Molly, loved the different scents of the woods, running on the beach sand, and meeting fellow canines on our hikes. Door County is not only a wonderland for humans, but for dogs too!

In memory of my best buddy for 12+ years.

Scott Busse | A Dog Lover & Nature Enthusiast

Door County Hiking | Door County Dog Friendly | Dog Friendly Vacation Rentals

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