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Give the Gift of Travel to Door County

Updated: Jan 9

Experiences Not Stuff 

Material possessions come and go, but memories endure. Gifting a travel experience isn't just about a momentary thrill; it's about granting an opportunity for someone – perhaps even yourself – to revel in moments that add richness and value. It’s about recognizing impermanence and celebrating the present with mindful intent.

As you make plans for giving this year, consider the value of gifting a stay at one of Restassure’s 20+ Door County properties*. Whether you're honoring a travel tradition, forging new paths, or simply taking a solo journey—you are welcome here (and dogs, too)!

A snowy hike in Door County

The Gift of Time Well Spent

Picture you and your loved ones playing games around the table, dressed in pjs, and enjoying a big, cozy fire. Isn’t it nice to have everyone under one roof, without the stress of hosting?

Or imagine the height of Door County in the summer—among friends during a week-long woodland retreat, cooking up a delicious meal on the grill. Afterward, you’ll meander to the beach for a swim and later, enjoy an old-school drive-in movie. Or perhaps you’ll opt for a serene night in your rental, sipping your favorite drink or indulging in a good read.

More than a trip, a travel experience is a gift of time. It's a commitment to moments that evoke joy, laughter, and a sense of fulfillment. Time spent exploring natural landscapes, forging connections, and creating memories is a gift that transcends the material and enriches life. 

No matter the path you take, it's about carving out space for joy. With 298 miles of shoreline, 5 state parks, and 19 different communities, there is a place for you here. 

Hike one of Door County's 5 state parks.

Restassure uses images from the Disabled And Here Project.

*Restassure invites you to gift experiences, not stuff. Now through January 5, 2024, enjoy 10% off the nightly rate cost of any stay across all of our properties. Stays must be between Dec 20 - April 30, 2023. Use Code GETAWAY10 at check out.

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